Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy provides an alternative to invasive surgical treatment options. Stem cell therapy may not be for everyone, but this procedure has proven to be very effective for dealing with many types of pain problems.

Stem cells are unique in comparison to every other cell in the body because of their ability to divide, renew, and regenerate into other cells just like it. They are unspecialized cells to start, and only become specialized when they are called to action. Stem cells target damaged or injured tissue in the body and repair and replace what is no longer functional or needed. Essentially, stem cells have the power to regenerate, heal and reduce pain.

With stem cell therapy, the procedure begins by collecting the stem cells. Stem cells may come from a variety of sources. At the NeuroSpinal Institute of Boward, we use bone marrow derived stem cells, and cord tissue stem cells for our medical procedures.

Amniotic and Cord-Blood-Derived Stem Cells
For amniotic and cord blood-derived stem cells, the biologics are obtained from FDA-authorized labs. These stem cells originally derive from amniotic sacs and umbilical cords from a donating mother after she has just given birth to a live and healthy baby – these are not controversial embryonic cells!

Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells
Bone marrow aspirate is collected from the posterior iliac crest (pelvis). Using a local anesthetic, a needle is placed under live x-ray guidance, into the center of the crest to harvest stem cells. The collection is then placed in a centrifuge to separate aspirate into a small injectable volume of bone marrow concentrate.

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